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International marriage: What’s it really like?

I have been asked many times what it’s like to be in an international marriage. People ask me if it’s difficult to communicate, whether we have cultural miss-understandings, etc. They say, surely it must be more difficult to be in an international marriage than to be in a marriage with someone from your own […]

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White and purple orchid, Isaan, Thailand

Returning to the Farm

I have been coming to the farm here in Isaan for eight years. Every time I return to the farm, things have changed. Trees grow and start to bear fruit, new plants are planted, some die, some get moved, garden areas are replaced with trees, new gardens appear in different corners of the farm. Depending […]

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Peaceful farm pond in Isaan, Thailand

Our Farm in Isaan, Thailand

My wife owns a small farm in the northern Isaan region of Thailand, not too far from Udon Thani and Laos. It used to be part of her family’s large rice field. Now it is a rustic botanical garden filled with edible and ornamental plants, fish and frog ponds, egg-laying geese, ducks, and chickens, and […]

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